About Us

Echo Verde is an eco and organic clothing line based in Vancouver, Canada. The company manufactures boutique clothing for women in natural and organic textiles, classic “slow fashion” styling  and believes in ethical business practices, sustainable production, and connecting and forming relationships with retailers and suppliers.What impacts at one end of the line will impact at the other… or “echo” through the chain.The company was started in 2009 by Jane Nemis. Jane has 28 years experience as a designer/merchandiser and consultant and 15 years experience in designing and producing eco and organic textiles and garments. She continues to work with textile and fabric suppliers to create new and better fabrics, cleaner production methods and sustainable products that last.

Verde: is Italian for green *
Here at Echo Verde we believe that what we do should have as little impact as possible. With that in mind, we use only textiles that leave a “greener” footprint.

While any industry can never be perfect, there are many fibers, dyes and production methods that impact less harmfully on our earth and its wildlife.  Our mission is to create good quality organic clothing at price points that are affordable with styles that last through many seasons and can be combined for versatility.

If you have any questions about us, we would be happy to answer them!

We hope you like our collections and enjoy wearing our clothing and thank you for helping us leave a smaller footprint.

*a small tribute to Jane’s Italian/Canadian grandmother who taught her to sew and as a widow, raised a family of 4 as a seamstress