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Small Changes Mean A Lot!

Eco-Friendly Changes You Can Make to Your Home and Lifestyle Making eco-friendly changes to our homes and lifestyles can achieve so much, from saving money to slowing the process of climate change, yet many people aren’t sure where to begin. If you’re worried about staying under budget, there are lots of simple things you can do to reduce your energy

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Eco, Organic, Beautiful

Eco  Organic  Beautiful Here at Echo Verde we live by those words. We produce earth-friendly clothing you can feel good about, and that feels good on you! We produce all our clothing using certified organic bamboo, cotton and eco-friendly materials like wool and recycled fibres.  We leave a greener footprint and use less water, low-impact dyes and look for ways

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Why organic should be first!

Our skin drinks in! At Echo Verde we are proud to make organic intimates that are comfortable, breathable and, of course, beautiful against your skin. But why is this especially important for underwear and intimates? Because if the layer next to your skin is made from synthetic fabric containing toxic chemicals, you’re going to end up itchy, irritated and probably

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On Organic Linen and Small Business Partnerships

At Echo Verde we believe in eco and organic, sustainability and – what happens at one end of the chain “echos” through and impacts the other.   We believe in partnerships and working closely with our small family-owned factories that make our clothing – and our retail stores that buy our goods. When COVID hit our little factory, we had already

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New Year – New Ideas!

Here’s a great article about Organic wool and pasture raised, non-dipped sheep.: We will be having a sale soon on our 4 season wearable, organic, ethically sheared and raised, merino!  That’s a mouthful, we know, but so worth the effort to provide these wonderful pieces and support sustainable farming practices.  

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Electric Vehicles Means Less Waste and Longer Lasting Cars

A great article on why electric vehicles may be the answer to less wastage and longer lasting cars!!!   WE promote clothing that lives up to long term wear and quality and we share that with Tesla! Read about the lasting qualities of Tesla here:  Teslas long lasting ability

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Size Guidelines

This chart is based on body measurements.  Each style will fit in a unique way.  Check styling notes in the description of the styles you are interested in for more detail.


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