Small Changes Mean A Lot!

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Eco-Friendly Changes You Can Make to Your Home and Lifestyle

Making eco-friendly changes to our homes and lifestyles can achieve so much, from saving money to slowing the process of climate change, yet many people aren’t sure where to begin. If you’re worried about staying under budget, there are lots of simple things you can do to reduce your energy consumption or keep certain items from going to the landfill. You can also think about how to incorporate more sustainable products into your everyday life, from reusable food containers to clothing that’s organic and eco-friendly. Echo Verde is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for women’s clothing that’s comfortable, beautiful, and long-lasting.

Here are some things to consider when you’re ready to make eco-friendly changes to your home and lifestyle:

If you’re a homeowner, making your property more green can be as simple as using quality draft-stoppers on doors, sealing up cracks around windows with caulk, or using energy-efficient LED light bulbs. However, if it’s in the budget, you can go bigger with those changes and make some upgrades that will bring benefits for years to come. Replacing windows, adding solar panels to the roof, updating the HVAC system, and replacing old appliances with more energy-efficient options are great examples of green changes that will add value to your home. If you think you might sell in the near future, do some research on what buyers are looking for in an eco-friendly home. It’s also important to hold onto receipts for any major changes you make, and take before-and-after photos so you’ll have quantifiable proof of the added value. Keep in mind that you may qualify for solar panel rebates or other incentives.

Change your shopping habits

Your home isn’t the only area where changes can be made to benefit the planet; you can also make some changes to the way you shop. Buying products in bulk, shopping locally rather than having items delivered, and choosing more sustainable products are three great examples of simple shopping changes that will make an eco-friendly difference. You can also be more mindful of things like containers and plastic bags, choosing reusable glass or recyclable paper instead.

No matter how you choose to do your buying, it’s crucial to learn how to read labels and to know what to look for from businesses. When you buy ethically-sourced and sustainable products from companies that are making an effort to reduce their energy consumption and create green solutions, you’re contributing to a more eco-friendly environment. Before you buy, do a little research on the company itself to find out more about their goals and learn where your products are coming from.

Utilize natural light

Changing the way you use resources is another great way to make green choices, both at home and at work. Using natural light as much as possible can help you save money on energy costs at home while you get the physical and mental health benefits of vitamin D. Opening the curtains during the day in winter can help you heat certain rooms, as well.

You can also let the sun do the work when it comes to exterior lighting for your home. Solar lights are perfect additions to the garden, driveway, or walking paths, and you’ll only pay for the initial investment, which is often minimal.

Living a green lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive. There are several simple, budget-friendly things you can do to make your home energy-efficient and your lifestyle environmentally conscious. You can also look for ways to help your community make changes for the better, such as planting a community garden or starting a recycling initiative.

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Eco, Organic, Beautiful

Eco  Organic  Beautiful

Here at Echo Verde we live by those words.

We produce earth-friendly clothing you can feel good about, and that feels good on you!

We produce all our clothing using certified organic bamboo, cotton and eco-friendly materials like wool and recycled fibres.  We leave a greener footprint and use less water, low-impact dyes and look for ways to reduce in all aspects of our business, so you can feel good about your purchase!

Our fibres/yarns include:

100% Certified Organic Bamboo (produced in a closed-loop, eco-friendly method)

100% Certified Organic Cotton

100% eco and humane Merino Wool

Recycled Fibres (preventing them from going to landfill)

We also blend yarns from the above that incorporate stretch and recovery and give a soft hand.

We also use:

Low impact dyes :

Our dyeing process uses less water than standard methods, so its environmental impact is much lower. We  use “non-azo” dyes, which are free from carcinogens and toxic chemicals and do not bind to fish or wildlife.  All our factories have wastewater treatment.

Echo Verde—eco * organic * beautiful –comfortable clothing that your body, heart and mind can all feel good about.


Why organic should be first!

Our skin drinks in!
At Echo Verde we are proud to make organic intimates that are comfortable, breathable and, of course, beautiful against your skin.
But why is this especially important for underwear and intimates? Because if the layer next to your skin is made from synthetic fabric containing toxic chemicals, you’re going to end up itchy, irritated and probably sweaty. Oh my pores!
Our organic cotton undergarments are breathable, which is especially important since you may change your outer clothing during the day but your underwear stays put for the long haul. Doesn’t it just make sense to ensure that the most important layer, the one next to your skin that ‘drinks in’ all day long, is safe, comfortable and beautiful?
Start with our lovely Eve Pantie, top with our sweet Eve bralette(no underwire or metals, adjustable strap) and layer over our slip/tank- suddenly you are ready to face the outside world with soft, breathable, organic layers next to your skin. And did we say soft! Buttery soft. Made of Organic bamboo which is processed without harsh chemicals and then dyed with low-impact dyes. Black, White, Pink and Blue… soft and luscious just like your skin!
Echo Verde is based in Vancouver, Canada and specializes in eco and organic women’s clothing, intimates, knits and sweaters, in sizes XS-XL. We believe in leaving a smaller impact on the earth and providing high quality organic clothing at reasonable value-based pricing.
Shop all our intimates here:

On Organic Linen and Small Business Partnerships

At Echo Verde we believe in eco and organic, sustainability and – what happens at one end of the chain “echos” through and impacts the other.   We believe in partnerships and working closely with our small family-owned factories that make our clothing – and our retail stores that buy our goods.

When COVID hit our little factory, we had already shipped out most of our spring goods but the linen fell behind and they were unable to finish before the lock-down. They are about 1 hour outside of Wuhan – and although no one did get sick, they were unable to work for over 2 months!

Once they re-opened, we of course, were just starting to get hit here. This little factory, of their own accord, purchased 300 face masks and shipped them to me to “distribute to your health workers”.  Their kindness and understanding of what was going on was incredibly heart warming.  We distributed the PPE masks to several in-home care workers, immune-compromised and a large part went to an organization in the downtown East Side community which struggles with addiction and homelessness in our Local Inner city.

Then the factory got back to work finally and finished the linens.

These goods were actually oversold prior to COVID but of course small boutique stores at this time are closed and not taking any new orders.  Several returned or could not take the original orders I had sent out.  If we did not take the linen and pay for it, they would go bankrupt.  However, then we have a beautiful batch of linen that we had no way of paying for without going through extreme financial difficulty here – and I spent many sleepless nights trying to work out how to pay.

These times call for pivoting and new ways of thinking and I thought why not try to crowd fund it?  So we set up a go fund me for the two linen styles!  We are only charging the exact cost of the linen.    So far we have received quite a few orders directly.   Now we are hoping there are others out there that want some high quality linen tanks and/or skirts in 100% organic linen at cost.   See our pretty linen tank and skirt in our Spring collection




Thank you kindly

Jane Nemis, Owner/Designer

Why Choose Eco Merino – and Sponsoring Cedar the Sheep

Our wool is made without caustic chemicals and the sheep are free-range pasture raised with no mulesing from New Zealand raised sheep.

The wool is sheared by hand and not dipped in chemicals.

For every sweater sold this year we will donate to the care of our sheep, Cedar! He is a rescue at a farm sanctuary we volunteer at

Cedar needs to be sheared because he was raised for his wool. This type of sheep no longer sheds naturally  so we sheared him humanely in March and expect to have his wool fully cleaned and spun by October.

We are sponsoring his care and feeding this year and hope to do so next year as well based on our merino wool sales.  We want to draw attention to more humane animal management whether for wool or cashmere.

Our merino is super fine and pre-washed so you can even wash it!  No more “dry clean only”  for unprocessed wools.  Dry cleaning is so bad for the environment.   Delicate wash in cold water or by hand – no wringing – just squeeze and lay flat to dry – then press with warm iron.  Our wool is expensive – we know that so we tried to keep the prices reasonable. Our styles are all investment pieces and will last season after season after season… you get it…

See our Eco Merino collection>>

Why Wear Linen: Beat the Sweaty Heat of Summer

Why wear LINEN?

It’s great when you Want to beat the sweaty heat of summer? Wear Linen – it’s the King of Fibres when it comes to hot weather!

Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world going back thousands of years. Linen was sometimes used as a form of currency in Ancient Egypt. Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen as a symbol of light and purity, and as a display of wealth.

Flax Facts!

Linen is a textile made from the flax plant – it is one of the more multi-talented members of the plant family. The cultivation and transformation of flax into linen is environmentally friendly requiring less irrigation, pesticides and energy than cotton and therefore is much “greener” and easier on the earth!

Why WEAR Linen: The Benefits of WEARING LINEN

  1. Linen breathes naturally and offers the best comfort in high heat.
  2. Research has demonstrated that a person who wears linen sweats 1.5 times less than when wearing cotton and 2 times less than when wearing a synthetic such as rayon.  Imagine how comfortable that would be for your body!
  3. It is also extremely absorbent – it can absorb up to 20% of its weight in sweat before it even feels wet!   (hello, sweaty bus rides in humid weather).  It is also 3x stronger than cotton!
  4. Linen, because of its natural fibers and production process, is inherently hypo-allergenic. Wearing linen will help you avoid common allergic reactions found with other fabrics, particularly synthetics.  It is also antibacterial and is the only natural fibre that is accepted internally in the human body which is why linen has been used as bandages dating way back to the Egyptians.
  5. Linen is naturally thermo-regulating. It’s insulating in the cold, and cool and breathable when it’s warm.  Linen offers strong protection against solar radiation.  Great for menopausal and peri-menopausal women!
  6. Exceptionally Long-Lasting: Linen is one of the few fabrics that actually get better with age. It becomes softer, smoother, and more lustrous. Lasting to 12 times as long as cotton, linen regularly passes from generation to generation


Both cotton and linen are associated with wrinkles, and this is a concern when people want to wear linen.

Linen fibers have a natural resin called lignan. At first, the fibers are stiff and crease easily. The fabric naturally becomes smoother through wear, handling and use. It is widely accepted to have lightly wrinkled linen!

Echo Verde Designs Timeless Linen Pieces

Echo Verde Clothing specializes in organic and “slow fashion” (see About Us) and linen is one of the best fabrics to help reduce our global footprint.

Our garments are styled to flatter and they are also built to last a long time.  Each of our pieces are garment dyed – this means the styles are sewn then dyed after – giving them a softer hand and a nice, washed coloring.

Special natural enzymes are used to soften the outer feel of the linen at the same time.

Linen is perfect for all of your summer travels!!

Linen is a Boss Fabric and you should have more of it in your life.

Check out all our linen clothing>>