Merino Crew Sweater


Our Merino Crew Sweater is made from luxurious and lightweight eco merino wool.  This wool is super fine and fully washable!  This Merino Crew Sweater is a classic fit to about high hip.  It has beautiful fully fashioned details and a rib cuff and hem.  The dyes used are non-harmful to the environment.  Wool is fully bio-degradable and therefore won’t end up in landfill.  Also, because it is a long fibre it will last a long, long time!   Warm in winter but wicks away heat and moisture so surprisingly not too warm at all!  A great fashion piece or a wonderful under-layer.

Our eco merino wool is made without caustic chemicals and the sheep are free-range pasture raised in New Zealand and sheared by hand.

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Pre-washed, this Crew Merino sweater can be washed in a delicate cycle on cold or by hand – no wringing – just squeeze and lay flat to dry – then press with warm iron.

Echo Verde is based in Vancouver, Canada. We make “slow fashion” classic clothing for women in natural and organic textiles, and believe in ethical business practices, sustainable production, and connecting and forming relationships with retailers and suppliers. Buy online, shop worldwide!   

Our wool is expensive to make, and we try to keep our prices reasonable – these styles are all investment pieces and will last season after season!


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