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Eco Organic Beautiful


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Article: Eco, Organic, Beautiful

Eco, Organic, Beautiful

Eco, Organic, Beautiful

Eco  Organic  Beautiful
Here at Echo Verde we live by those words.
We produce earth-friendly clothing you can feel good about, and that feels good on you!
We produce all our clothing using certified organic bamboo, cotton and eco-friendly materials like wool and recycled fibres.  We leave a greener footprint and use less water, low-impact dyes and look for ways to reduce in all aspects of our business, so you can feel good about your purchase!
Our fibres/yarns include:
100% Certified Organic Bamboo (produced in a closed-loop, eco-friendly method)
100% Certified Organic Cotton
100% eco and humane Merino Wool
Recycled Fibres (preventing them from going to landfill)
We also blend yarns from the above that incorporate stretch and recovery and give a soft hand.
We also use:
Low impact dyes :
Our dyeing process uses less water than standard methods, so its environmental impact is much lower. We  use "non-azo" dyes, which are free from carcinogens and toxic chemicals and do not bind to fish or wildlife.  All our factories have wastewater treatment.
Echo Verde—eco * organic * beautiful --comfortable clothing that your body, heart and mind can all feel good about.

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