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Below is our detailed explanation of what we stand for and the values we hold while we create our beautiful organic and sustainable collections:

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Sustainable fashion is a term that does not come with any rules or definitions so we feel it is the most important one to explain.  Sustainability in fashion causes us to question:  Will this last a long time? Will it wear well? Are the materials in it sustainable for the earth, for the workers and will it biodegrade or end up in landfill? All of our sustainable fashion is created from certified organic products.  We work only with facilities that pay a living wage and treat their wastewater.  We ensure that no chemical finishes are put on our garments.  Our garments are shipped without excess packaging.  They are produced in the same place the fibre is spun to save energy in shipping costs.  When we aim for sustainability we include all our business practices - not just the clothing! 

Responsible manufacturing means ensuring our partner factories are clean, safe and the workers are well treated and receive a living wage.  All our factories meet or exceed the WRAP certification standards.  Read more in depth about our manufacturing and our factories here:

While it may not be as obvious, choosing to use Low impact dyes is actually a huge part of sustainable production.  Dyes can run off if waste water is not treated properly and most synthetic dyes cause harm to plants and animals and our earth.  Azo dyes are extremely toxic and can bind to fish and actually change their DNA and in larger quantities will kill them.  We use Non-azo dyes and where possible, stable organic dyes.  All our factories are compliant with waste water treatment.  The dyers wear protective clothing and masks and work in safe conditions.

For many of our customers, it is important not to harm animals and therefore they do not wear animal products.  Our Vegan approved logo is an easy way to locate items that contain no animal products.  Most of our line is vegan. However, we do use certified eco wools that come from sheep that are humanely sheared and do not require mulsing because of where they are sourced (New Zealand).  We sometimes use Cashmere which comes from two sources:  Recycled cashmere from factory bundles sold at market or directly from Mongolian farmers.

Our bamboo is organically grown and sustainably harvested.  It requires little water and no pesticides or herbicides.  Our bamboo is spun in factory that treats its wastewater and re-uses the materials required to break down the fibre and extrude it.  All our bamboo is made in the "viscose" method which means it is processed as a liquid and then extruded through fine spinarettes to produce the thin but strong fibre.  Our bamboo intimates are blended with spandex because on its own, bamboo is not strong enough nor does it have any elasticity to "spring back" or hold.

Organic cotton is our favourite yarn!  It is grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides and contains no chemical residue.  All of our Organic cotton comes from three sources:  USA, India and Turkey.    Cotton is soft without using harsh chemicals, can dye to beautiful hues with low impact dyes and it is completely biodegradeable!  Therefore leaving as little impact as possible on our earth.