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On Organic Linen and Small Business Partnerships

At Echo Verde we believe in eco and organic, sustainability and – what happens at one end of the chain “echos” through and impacts the other.   We believe in partnerships and working closely with our small family-owned factories that make our clothing – and our retail stores that buy our goods.

When COVID hit our little factory, we had already shipped out most of our spring goods but the linen fell behind and they were unable to finish before the lock-down. They are about 1 hour outside of Wuhan – and although no one did get sick, they were unable to work for over 2 months!

Once they re-opened, we of course, were just starting to get hit here. This little factory, of their own accord, purchased 300 face masks and shipped them to me to “distribute to your health workers”.  Their kindness and understanding of what was going on was incredibly heart warming.  We distributed the PPE masks to several in-home care workers, immune-compromised and a large part went to an organization in the downtown East Side community which struggles with addiction and homelessness in our Local Inner city.

Then the factory got back to work finally and finished the linens.

These goods were actually oversold prior to COVID but of course small boutique stores at this time are closed and not taking any new orders.  Several returned or could not take the original orders I had sent out.  If we did not take the linen and pay for it, they would go bankrupt.  However, then we have a beautiful batch of linen that we had no way of paying for without going through extreme financial difficulty here – and I spent many sleepless nights trying to work out how to pay.

These times call for pivoting and new ways of thinking and I thought why not try to crowd fund it?  So we set up a go fund me for the two linen styles!  We are only charging the exact cost of the linen.    So far we have received quite a few orders directly.   Now we are hoping there are others out there that want some high quality linen tanks and/or skirts in 100% organic linen at cost.   See our pretty linen tank and skirt in our Spring collection




Thank you kindly

Jane Nemis, Owner/Designer

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